A Donor Advised Fund functions as a charitable checking account. While receiving immediate tax benefit upon deposit, you are able to designate public or anonymous distributions from this fund as you see fit.

Donor Advised Funds supported by the Pinebelt Foundation

Abb and Jennifer Payne Family Fund


Andrew Waites Charitable Fund

Angel Heart Endowment Fund

Aubrey K. & Ella G Lucas Donor Advised Fund

Blessings Fund

Bob and Lee Wood-Hote Walthall County Enhancement Fund

Coko Advisement Fund

Community Partners

Don Suber Fund

Donnell Family Fund

Giving Grace Fund

Howards Alms

J Lavon Smith Donor Advised Fund

J.G.W. Charitable Fund

Jefferson Charitable Fund^Big Al

Jones Companies Fund (Spenddown)


Leigh Anne Strong

Larry and Linda Smith Fund

Mercier Catholic Education Fund

Phil and Dianne Buehler Fund

Rare Reverb

Romano Family Fund 


The Last Hurrah

Westminster Presbyterian Church Outreach Fund

William F. & Rosalie B. Schoell, III Donor Advised Fund

Zachary Little Memorial Endowment Fund


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