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Amplify Your Giving

The Pinebelt Foundation exists to help make your charitable goals a lasting reality. We are a part of meaningful change in our community both today and for generations to come.

You have the opportunity to partner with the Pinebelt Foundation in order to accomplish any charitable goal. You can have a named or anonymous fund. We happily accept cash, securities, real estate and personal property. Funds can be kept available for distribution at any time or invested with the rest of our assets for long term growth.

 The Benefits 


An finance committee with years of financial advising experience directs the investment of the charitable funds.  We can demonstrate an exemplary investment performance.  By pooling and collectively investing the funds, we are able to maximize your charitable impact.


Our model of philanthropy allows families to instill the spirit of giving to their children and to continue to build their legacies.  We nurture the growth of funds so that future generations may carry on their families’ names and charitable giving for the causes they’re passionate about.


Generous donors have trusted the Foundation with their charitable giving for several decades, knowing their donations are in good hands.  Funds are administered through cost-efficient measures and best practices.


The Foundation accepts gifts of cash, securities, real estate, and other personal property.  This allows donors to receive the benefit of a tax credit that comes with their charitable contributions having a broader community impact.  We also work with financial advisors, accountants, and lawyers to assist their clients’ estate planning.


The Foundation recognizes the importance of an endowed fund to create a legacy in perpetuity.  Whether created by a family, individual, or business, we can ensure their interests are supported for years to come.

Deen and Tate Memorial Scholarship

When a senseless act of violence took the lives of two of Hattiesburg's finest public servants their fellow officers and the community they heroically served responded with hope and love.

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