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Alex Katrishin, Jr. Fund

Alex Katrishin Collage.jpg
The gifts that keeps giving

When Alex Katrishin Jr. was a young man struggling to survive in the 1940s, he took up residence in a California YMCA. Injuries he had sustained in an explosion during the waning days of World War II had left him unable to find typical employment, so he became a street vendor. His frugal lifestyle and personal discipline enabled him to save and invest a small amount of money each month, and eventually it grew into a small fortune.


More than 30 years later, when they were both in their 60s, Katrishin was reunited with his college sweetheart, Miriam, who was now a widow, and they married, settling in Hattiesburg. They had several happy years together before her death in 1997. All this time, Alex continued to exercise and receive physical therapy with his friends at the local Family Y.


Shortly before Katrishin died on June 13, 2000, he left the bulk of his estate – well over $1 million – to the Family Y of Southeast Mississippi, in an endowed account with the Pinebelt Foundation. Each year, the Pinebelt Foundation distributes the income from the Alex Katrishin fund to support the programs and services offered by his favorite organization, the local Family Y. 


The Family YMCA made a large impact on Katrishin’s life, and with the Pinebelt Foundation, his life continues to make an impact on others. The annual disbursement from the Alex Katrishin Fund goes toward the management and operating budget of the Family Y, giving the Y the ability to provide financial assistance to families and individuals who cannot afford the Y’s services.

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