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The Pinebelt Foundation brings you

Brass Hat & HOT GLASS

February 14-16th at Hotel Indigo

nights february 14, 15 & 16th

times 6-8pm or 8-10pm

cost $250/couple

cost including hotel stay $365


12 couples per night (6 couples 6-8pm and 6 couples 8-10pm)

Pinebelt Foundation is hosting an exclusive Valentine’s Dinner at Brass Hat along with Jamie Farris and Jeremy Thomley. Guest can choose to attend one of three nights offered: Feb. 14,15, or 16th. The evening will start with a signature cocktail as you enter the doors at Hotel Indigo. The idea is that you soak in the sights as you make your way into the Brass Hat. A table will await you and your guest as you relax and settle into the evening. While enjoying an exclusive 4 course dinner prepared by chef Daniel Mann and his staff, Jamie Farris, owner of Lincoln Road Package Store, will guide you through a wine/spirit pairing. Throughout the dinner, couples will join Jeremy Thomley, owner of Mohawk Steel and Glass, for a hands on glass blowing experience. Whether you are a guest that will be staying at Hotel Indigo for the evening or one that is headed home, we can promise you will leave in aah!!!

When purchasing tickets please select the correct date and time slot that you would like to attend. Even though there are time slots for the dinner and glass blowing, we encourage our guest to stay as long as they would like. 



Hotel Indigo

Brass Hat

Lincoln Road Package Store

Mohawk Steel and Glass


Pinebelt Foundation


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